Cupid Full Kit

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This is a video of SheWhizz in action. CUPID uses the same design, including the Flow Restrictors. The only difference is the size of the bottle. You can use this video for reference until I get our newest CUPID video downloaded.


This is the original design of CUPID and uses the patented Flow Restrictors to actuate the flow urine. The only difference between CUPID and Original SheWhizz is the size of the bottle. CUPID was designed around a 2 oz bottle. And is exactly double the size of SheWhizz's 1 fl oz bottle. Made for those times when your golden shower fantasy needs to be TWICE the fun! NOW WITH NEW TEXTURED SURFACE! 

Full Kit contains: 1- CUPID Device, 1- 20ml Syringe, 1- 3-pack of Flow Restrictors, 1- 3 fl oz bottle of Laboratory Grade Synthetic Urine

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