HeWhizz Full Kit

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HeWhizz is an ingenious watersport toy made for men. Designed to allow men to enjoy giving golden showers in the most realistic way imaginable. The HeWhizz kit contains, 1- HeWhizz device, 1- 3 oz bottle of synthetic urine, 1- 10 inch extension hose, 1- Urine Reservoir, 1- 20 ml syringe, 4- temporary sticky dots, and complete instructions. All parts have Luer Lock connections. This keeps your toy leak-free during use. And allows for parts to be replaced easily, when need be. The HeWhizz urine reservoir should not be reused. But don't worry, this reservoir can be easily replaced. If you plan on using your new toy multiple times, make sure you include replacement reservoirs with your purchase. HeWhizz is the first wet sex toy for men designed to be worn inside the body. This design gives it many advantages over the cumbersome and comical costumes offered by our competitors. These advantages include, the ability to achieve and maintain body temperature without the use of unreliable heat packs, to remain completely hidden during the entire fetish fantasy and a realistic urine stream. The ingenious design, high quality manufacturing and industry leading customer service, makes HeWhizz a must have addition for every golden shower fetish fan