SheWhizz Full kit

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 This Female Urine Substitution device is designed on the same platform as CUPID. She uses Flow Restrictors to actuate the flow of urine and is carried inside the body. The only change from our CUPID design is the size of the urine reservoir. SheWhizz uses a smaller 1 oz bottle.                        While our competition has offered the women of the world nothing more than a copy of the Whizzinator with the prosthetic penis removed, (urine bag tied around the waist, hose running down your backside and hand warmers to achieve and maintain body temperature), Sexxi Showers started with a clean slate.                                                                            NO COPYCAT HERE.                          

No external parts. Making it completely hidden. No unreliable heat packs. SheWhizz uses your own body to reach and maintain body temperature. Which means SheWhizz is the only device in the world capable of guaranteeing your golden shower will be exact body temperature.. EVERY TIME!

While they offer you a design originally made for men, we have introduced a design that is innovative, ingenious and best of all,,, made for you.

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Kit contains: 1- SheWhizz device, 1- 10ml filler syringe, 1- 3 pack of Flow Restrictors and 1- 3 oz bottle of Synthetic Urine

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