The Queen of Female Urine Substitution, CUPID Xpandable – Emalee Daniels

The Queen of Female Urine Substitution

steve kenyon

Sexxi Showers is proud to present our best product to date... CUPID Xpandable. This product is a culmination of the hard work of our design team and the input from thousands of customers.

The first design improvement I would like to touch on is comfortability. With our first 2 models, CUPID and SheWhizz, women were offered 2 different sizes. SheWhizz's design started out with a 1 oz ridge bottle. Good for comfort because of her size, but she lacked in volume. Some women also found it hard to keep held inside the vagina.

Next came, CUPID or Clean Urine Personal Insert Device. This model was designed because women wanted more volume in order to give a more realistic golden shower. So we increased the size of the urine reservoir to 2 FL oz. With this change came the perfect volume but the issue of comfortability grew 3 fold. The larger size meant more women than ever we're having difficulty using her.

So now, thanks in great part to our customers, our design team has eliminated this issue, along with one other, noiseless operation. Although, CUPID and SheWhizz use a Flow Restrictor (fake tampon) to actuate the flow of urine and are therefore silent to operate. The second device in this design group, CUPID2, eliminated the Flow Restrictor by designing the urine actuator into the cap. Problem is, it makes a small clicking sound as you release the urine. This distracted from the realism of the erotic fantasy.

Now, Ladies, allow me to introduce the ultimate female golden shower device,                                                                              CUPID Xpandable  

 1. You can now choose how much volume is right for you and your partner (please see cautions in the included instruction)                                                                                  

2. Completely silent operation

3. Easy one-handed operation

4.  Natural looking urine stream at exact body temperature

5. Assembled in California, using the best medical grade parts available

In conclusion, while our competitors are stuck inside the box, still selling you a man's device that has been adapted for women. Here at Sexxi Showers, we started this project with you in mind. And ended up with a product light years ahead of our competitors. A product designed exclusively for women. No matter if you are performing for your partner or at a fetish party, under close, intimate observation,