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About Us

After my father received his first patent in 2009, his dream of creating high quality, custom-made adult toys began to take shape. As orders for SheWhizz began to rise, he found himself spending more and more time following his dream and less time running the construction company he owned. Finally, in 2010, he traded in his hammer and tape measure for latex and synthetic urine. Thus Sexxi Showers was born. With the addition of HeWhizz in 2014, he was able to offer couples a level of erotic realism never before seen in the wet sex industry. While his competitors offer devices that are more cumbersome and clownish than they are sexually exciting, his line of watersport fetish toys allow couples to freely explore their liquid desires. Unfortunately  He passed away January 2017. I have filled his shoes as much as possible. Heres how he over ran the the competition. How? Let's answer that by comparing products. All products sold by my competitors are designed from the outdated platform first introduced in the 80's. With a few small variances, they all consist of, a large urine bag worn somewhere on the body, a prosthetic penis (just a hose for women) and unreliable hand warmer packets to achieve and maintain body temperature. I'm sure most of you have seen or heard of these costumes. In most cases, couples will wear layers of clothing in an attempt to hide these contraptions from their partner. Between all the clothes and the urine being delivered at an unknown temperature, erotic realism is the last thing these costumes will deliver. Sexxi Showers has changed all of that. HeWhizz is a device worn INSIDE the male rectum. This design leaves nothing more than a small piece of clear tubing exposed. Using the included alcohol swab and removable sticky dots, this clear tube is temporarily attached to the penis. Making the movements made during the Golden Shower easy to perform and natural looking. This ingenious design also solves a problem that has plagued the wet sex industry since the beginning, body temperature. HeWhizz is guaranteed to deliver your urine at EXACT body temperature, every time! All this while remaining completely hidden from your partner. Even when you strip down naked, HeWhizz is practically invisible. And while the competition relies on gravity for delivery of their cold stream of urine, HeWhizz is under pressure. Making your stream strong and steady. Wait a second. You probably want to go back and discuss the whole "worn inside the male rectum" thing. Let me start out by saying I understand your apprehension. But you have no need to worry. The urine reservoir goes in and comes out smaller than your pinky finger. Made out of a reinforced latex balloon and filled with the included 60 cc syringe, it is designed to withstand pressure 3x's what research has shown to be an enjoyable Golden Shower. When in use the reservoir dimensions are, length- 4 1/2 inches and has a circumference of 4 inches. Making it only slightly uncomfortable. But remember, it goes in tiny and comes out tiny. And now let's discuss SheWhizz. She is the originator of the inside the body design. Using one of the most beautiful parts of the female body, SheWhizz is inserted into the vagina. As with HeWhizz, this allows her to deliver urine at exact body temperature. And when combined with the patented Flow Restrictor, does so while remaining completely hidden. The Flow Restrictor is an exact replica of a tampon used during the female cycle. Right down to the blood red, hypo-allergenic latex paint used to paint it. Although not the sexiest thing to incorporate during wet play, it serves the purpose of allowing SheWhizz to remain completely hidden. In closing, I'd just like to say that the quality with which my fathers adult toys are made, their ingenuity and my company's commitment to his customers leaves all our competitors in the wet sex industry anything but competition. If urine the mood for realistic Golden Shower fun, then urine the right place.