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Due to an increase in customer requests, Sexxi Showers is proud to announce the return of our first ever design, CUPID. She is the one that started it all. It was her ingenious platform that began our venture into the the adult toy business. CUPID stands for Clean Urine Personal Insert Device. She was on the market for 4 years, when we began receiving complaints about her size. CUPID is designed around a 2oz bottle, rather than our current 1 oz bottle. When the complaints began to rise I took CUPID off the market and replaced her with a smaller bottle. After all of the requests from her fans this last month, I think I may have jumped the gun. In an attempt to try my best to please as many of my customers as possible...S H E ' S  B A C K ! This original version is exactly the same as her little sister, except she will hold a full 2oz of golden fun.

Kit includes:

CUPID device

1pk (3 Flow Restrictors)

10 ml syringe

This kit does NOT come with synthetic urine

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Kay Diaz

I purchased the Cupid mini and I love it🙂 great concept!

Best thing ever

Absolutely love this product!!! Has saved me time from jail and jobs I've gotten!!

Lisa Pallotta
Business good, follow up communication not so good

I never opened the package because I had a financial situation and my dad passed away and needed money back and emailed several times asking if you would please consider letting me return an unopened package and I can't get anyone to respond to me and then you ask for a review??? I understand that there is probably a no return policy on those things but being it's still in the package it came in I was hoping out of the goodness of your heart we could work something out. I emailed this email twice and the one that said package has been shipped. I gave 4 stars anyway because the shipping was fast, package was and still is perfect so thank you for that

Ariel Valtierra



I’m buying for the second time. I’ve used and it’s worked. I think it’s a great product. However today I went to take my drug test and either the tampon or cap came off and the urine soaked me!! Does any have suggestions on how to prevent this ??

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