Design Submission – Emalee Daniels

Design Submission

This is the starting page for your new toy! Are you excited? If your not now, you soon will be. What I will need from you to begin with is a few sentences about what your new toy will look like, act like and feel like. In what type of environment will you play with your new toy? Oils, soaps, water... Will it require a motor? Battery powered, plug in or kick start? Along with your brief description, you will need a few drawings. Drawings need not be professional level. Just give them as much detail as you can. Within 24 hours someone from our design team will contact you for more information. Please be patient. Unique toy design is not a project where you focus on the final result but rather you should enjoy the journey. Now, if your ready, submit your design and lets start building that new toy you've been dreaming of!