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For Men

HeWhizz Urine Delivery kit - Only $114.99

For Women

SheWhizz Urine Delivery kit - Only $74.99

SheWhizz II Urine Delivery kit - Only $64.99


*The following states do not allow the purchase of synthetic urine;

Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

If you live in one of these states my company WILL NOT sell you synthetic urine. This list is growing everyday, so it is up to you to check your local and state laws concerning the use of these fetish toys

Now tell you a little about our products...



My name is Steve Kenyon and I own Sexxi Showers

 Allow me to introduce to you to our CUPID line of Wet Sex Toys. CUPID stands for Clean Urine Personal Insert Device.

Keep reading to find out more about this unique design and why it is quickly becoming the number one choice in Wet Sex toys the world over.  Our fetish toys allow customers to play in the most realistic and sterile environment available anywhere. This allows them to explore new levels of their exciting fetish without the worries of viral transmissions through unclean urine.

We take great pride in the quality of every toy that we sell. With the world seeing an upswing in wet sex participation, the industry is seeing its share of cheap knock offs and low quality toys. At Sexxi Showers, we work hard to remain an exception to this trend.

So remember, whether its your first time or your a veteran of the urine games, you can count on Sexxi Showers to provide the toys to make your fetish safe and fun. 

All of our products are   and mailed in discreet packaging for your privacy. PLUS, Sexxi Showers offers free shipping on all standard orders. 

Original SheWhizz:

A golden shower favorite since 2012. This SheWhizz model has been used by women the world over. She was the first golden shower device designed and manufactured exclusively for women. Not a strap-on urine bag with the prosthetic penis replaced with a hose, but a new design. One that took into account the unique needs of women. While other companies overlooked these needs, we used them as a starting platform. A platform from which we designed the only urine substitution device on the market today that is not based on a toy design made for men. We have no cumbersome urine bag to tie around your waste. No uncomfortable hose running down your backside. No unreliable heating pads to maintain body temperature. We eliminated that whole clownish costume by utilizing a special part of the female anatomy, the Vagina. The Vagina's special abilities made it the logical place for our golden shower device. Understanding and utilizing this location gives SheWhizz an undeniable advantage over her competition. Her ingenious design, in conjunction with her high quality manufacturing process, has quickly made her the "go to" device for women the world over. SheWhizz is not only the best choice for women, she is the ONLY choice if you desire a toy that cannot be seen and will deliver a body temperature golden shower at just the right moment.


Designing HeWhizz on the CUPID platform allowed men to overcome the many issues that have plagued our competitors. Body temperature, stealth and realism.
Since the original Whizzinator hit the market, every single product introduced in our industry has been nothing more than a variation of that design, i.e. urine bag, heat packs, prosthetic penis and a 4" elastic belt to hold it all in place. A design that was more cumbersome than realistic and more clownish than sensual. Men used them to eliminate viral transmission during golden showers, but did not like the way these clownish costumes ruined the sexually charged mood of their fetish. Not one company stepped forward to fix these many obvious flaws. Until now.
HeWhizz is anything but another Whizzinator knock-off! And can deliver body temperature urine on demand during the most realistic of golden showers. Just like his female counterpart, he can do so while remaining completely hidden from view. With the release of HeWhizz in 2014, for the first time in history, a couple could enjoy their golden shower fetish while completely naked. A realism never before seen in the wet sex industry.
And now, in 2015, we have introduced a new product to our World leading line of wet sex products, SheWhizz II. By eliminating the Flow Restrictor (fake tampon) this new product will take replacement urination for women to a higher level.

SheWhizz II

This model has a new actuating trigger to start the urine flow. Rather than pulling the Flow Restrictor off, you simply push on the built-in trigger and flip the cap down. Clean urine is then dispensed and you're golden shower can begin. This new design gives her the ability to perform while remaining completely hidden from your partner. Recommended for those times when stealth and realism are a must.

Thank you for allowing my small company to fill your needs in the adult toy industry,

Steve Kenyon


Sexxi Showers