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Due to an increase in customer requests, Sexxi Showers is proud to announce the return of our first ever design, CUPID. She is the one that started it all. It was her ingenious platform that began our venture into the the adult toy business. CUPID stands for Clean Urine Personal Insert Device. She was on the market for 4 years, when we began receiving complaints about her size. CUPID is designed around a 2oz bottle, rather than our current 1 oz bottle. When the complaints began to rise I took CUPID off the market and replaced her with a smaller bottle. After all of the requests from her fans this last month, I think I may have jumped the gun. In an attempt to try my best to please as many of my customers as possible...S H E ' S  B A C K ! This original version is exactly the same as her little sister, except she will hold a full 2oz of golden fun.

Kit includes:

CUPID device

1pk (3 Flow Restrictors)

10 ml syringe

This kit does NOT come with synthetic urine

Customer Reviews

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Love love love this product !!! It is a life saver !!! Works great and reusable!! Definitely recommend practicing before using it for a test!! It’s kinda pricey but worth it!! Thank you for making such a amazing product!!❤️❤️💕

Wrong size

I ordered the Cupid instead of the shewizz and it was too big. I put it in and it keep sliding out. I couldn’t get it to stay inside and I think it’s becouse it’s too big. I wish I would have got the shewizz.

Definitely practice

No instructions found anywhere as to how to reattach without others noticing during parties, or exactly what people do once they complete the shower? Just hold in hand? Worked but was awkward throwing dirty tampon in my undies in front of people

The Cupid

COMPLETELY WORTH EVERY DIME!! I had to use it for a supervised drug test for pre-trial. As long as you go home and PRACTICE beforehand, it will completely come through for you! Thank you thank you thank you Cupid! You saved my ass!!!

Worth every dollar

Most stress free test I’ve ever taken

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