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This CUPID2 version incorporates the SheWhizz2 actuator valve to start the flow of urine. No more Flow Restrictor to worry about.

Kit includes:

CUPID2 (device with the flip top cap)


Customer Reviews

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It leaked from the get go.

It leaked from the get go. And I did not tighten cap too hard as per your video. I did however use the lid on another bottle and it worked just fine. I emailed for help but got no response, so I improvised.

Works great

Worked as advertised. Insert stayed put and drained easily when opened. Sample was able to keep warm. Not too difficult to insert. Very happy with results.

Happy camper in NC
Worth it.

I have been using this product for YEARS! The older versions at the beginning when first introduced were made way better than today's version, but it still does the job. You just may need to purchase these more and more. I recommend buying 2 to have. The one I purchased- i wanna say 10 years ago- was the epitome of perfect. It only in the last year could no longer be used due to wear and tear. I have purchased at least 5 in the last 3 years and have received multiple replacements due to leaking caps, or silicone not being adhered to the bottle completely, or the sealant coming undone. But I have never had issues getting replacements free of charge, and customer service has always been spot on for me. I recommend texting to get in touch with as well. They have always been super nice about my concerns and the issues with the product. And even though the assembly of the product and the items used to build the product seem to be cheaper than previous years, the product still does what it's supposed to do. It has helped me in my situations hundreds of times. I will never but anything else, regardless of the quality of the recent products.

Jenn Martínez
Life saver

Where had this been all my life! I love it!?! This was super easy to use. I practiced about once. 5 Stars will never be enough! Thank you for Cupid2.

Amber Hutton
Good product

Its a great idea, however the outer lining was loose when mine arrived and it didnt immediately void its contents upon opening without jostling. So I cant give a 5 star review. I'm hopeful though that my item was just a fluke perhaps of shipping/packaging as the idea is solid. I'm just bummed it needed way more finagling to start emptying than expected.

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