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Cupid Xpandable

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Cupid Xpandable

We are excited to announce the introduction of a product that will change female urine substitution forever. Like our other innovative female products, CUPID Xpandable will deliver a golden shower at exact body temperature, while remaining completely hidden from view. But her new expandable urine reservoir allows women the ability to choose the volume she is comfortable with. By eliminating the rigid bottle, Xpandable will conform to the shape of your vagina. Making this our most comfortable and user-friendly product ever. The next feature most requested by our customer's was silent operation. Guess what? You asked, we listened. Xpandable is completely silent during operation. After-all, the only sounds we want to hear during these intimate moments is heavy breathing, right?

So there you have it, Ladies. While our competitors are stuck offering you knock-offs of an outdated men's device, a comical and clumsy costume that does nothing to promote intimacy during your fetish fantasy, Sexxi Showers has worked hard to bring you the ultimate wet sex toy. Realistic, body temperature urine stream, completely hidden and silent during use. Xpandable is also made of high grade medical components and, as always, assembled right here in California. 

If you have a golden shower coming up, just you and your man or at a party under the watchful eyes of other wet sex practitioners, Xpandable is hands down your best choice.


1- Expandable Urine Reservoir, 1- filler syringe, 1- Extension hose and 1- Control valve


*THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE URINE *                                      

Customer Reviews

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helen dorgan
Amazing product!!!

Not only is this product easy to use it’s also discrete which definitely comes in handy. Idk why they don’t sell this product in smoke shops or adult stores but they should start. It’s a great product to have.

Rose McCrea
May not be for every girl!

First off. I would like to say thank you for maki g the only decent products out there so some of us less ingenious folk have options. That being said, I am not a very big person at all. THIS hurt. reminiscent of having horrible cramppy periods. I wore it but thankfully didnt have to perform at that time. I plan on using it again when needed. MAKE SURE THE FLUID IS WARM FIRST. cold hurts. Practice Practice practice. and do your home work about the scenario that you will be in

Alicia Womack

It was exactly what i was looking for on the expandable. the other Cupid was good but I think the Expandable was more safe on my situation. You keep up the good work and i have sone ideas on a few different routes ive thought about on making a few more. thanks so much

Sima La Fontaine
Worked great!

I practiced a lot with this and by the time I went to use it for real I was afraid that it might start to leak. It didn’t leak at all. It was super comfortable. I could hardly feel it except for the valve part. It’s difficult to hide completely, but is the best thing I’ve found as a product designed just for women. It is super pricey for what you get, but it does work and is easy to use. Customer service almost nonexistent, but the product still arrived as expected and it worked.

Nicole Moore

Cupid Xpandable