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Our most popular product and a world favorite since 2011.This Female Urine Substitution device is designed on the same platform as CUPID. She uses Flow Restrictors to actuate the flow of urine and is carried inside the body. The only change from our CUPID design is the volume the bottle holds. SheWhizz uses a smaller 1 oz bottle. While our competition has offered the women of the world nothing more than a copy of the Whizzinator with the prosthetic penis removed, (urine bag tied around the waist, hose running down your backside and hand warmers to achieve and maintain body temperature), Sexxi Showers started with a clean slate.                  

 NO COPYCAT HERE.                          

No external parts. Making it completely hidden. No unreliable heat packs. SheWhizz uses your own body to reach and maintain body temperature. Which means SheWhizz is the only device in the world capable of guaranteeing your golden shower will be exact body temperature.. EVERY TIME!

While they offer you a design originally made for men, we have introduced a design that is innovative, ingenious and best of all,,, made for you.

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Kit includes:

SheWhizz device 

1 Pk (3 Flow restrictors)

10 ml filler syringe


Customer Reviews

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What am I doing wrong?

I love this product I think it’s genius, however the past 2 times I’ve went in to take my test as soon as I get out of my car the tampon or cap comes off and the urine soaks me. Is there a way to prevent this? Or am I leaving it in too long? Lmk if anyone has any suggestions

Brian Ray

Worked great however didn’t hold enough for the test taken.

Ramon Rogers
SheWhizz!! A real life saver!

Delivery was fast and easy. The product was extremely easy to use. And couldn't have came at a more perfect time! Really saved my family from allot of heart ache.. thank u Emalee Kenyon, from my family to yours, thank u :)


I now own the cupid and the shewhizz. I bought the cupid about a year ago, and It has truly been a life saver. It was a little larger then I was comfortable with. Also (and this probably my fault, I leave it in my car and don't take the greatest care of it) about 9 mts after having it, it started leaking or letting the urine out with out pulling the cap off. So when I bought a new one I got the she whizz even after reading the reviews. I will say that I prefer the discomfort of the cupid over the fear of the she whizz coming out. I wish there was a medium but it's only used for a short time and you cant expect perfection. After all the concept is so unique and brilliant 👏 but it's up to you to perfect using it like it says practice practice. I also opt to make my own plugs. But I can't thank you enough for the amazing design and concept and saving my butt more then once. I will continue to use and support and buy your products.

Libby Henningsen

The tampon is a good idea, however, I am trying to find a way to remove the cap without losing it instead of using the tampon.

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