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This is the our urine replacement device made for men, The only one in the world that is NOT designed on the out of date Whizzinator platform.

This device does not contain synthetic urine.

Kit includes:

  • HeWhizz device
  • HeWhizz Valve
  • Extension hose
  • Release hose
  • Adhesive dots (for Placement of tubing)
  • 20ml syringe

Allow me to take a minute of your time and tell you why this is the best male urine substitution device in the world. 

First let's talk for a minute about my competition. I'm sure you are familiar with the Whizzinator. This is the device that started it all. Its unique design was very popular for years. Men all over the world were using it during adult fetish play to give Golden Showers. It was so popular that every single device that came to the market afterward copied it. But the design had flaws. Let me outline them here:

  • TEMPERATURE: Every device made on this platform uses heat packs to reach and maintain body temperature. This system has been proven to be so unreliable, that during wet sex play you could deliver your golden shower at temperatures ranging from 86 to 105 degrees. Rarely delivering the same temperature twice. 
  • REALISM: This flawed platform that everyone is copying consists of, a huge urine bag attached to a 4" cotton belt held in place with Velcro and a prosthetic penis (which, by the way, unless you were a star in the Adult Film Industry, looked very fake) to deliver the urine. To say that you can hide this comical costume during role play, (many of these manufactures use words like, "completely hidden" or 100% hidden" to describe their products), is pure fantasy. Just ask any woman how exciting and real the wet sex was after her partner gave her a "shower" with one of these!  
  • NATURAL LOOKING STREAM: This one is essential to enable a device like this to enhance, rather than detract, from the overall feel of the Golden Shower. With all of these devices relying on gravity to produce their urine stream, they are anything but natural looking. A full bag will produce a halfway decent stream. But, after the halfway point, it becomes little more than a dribble.

Now comes the fun part. I get to prove to you that HeWhizz IS the best Golden Shower device in the world. Here is the proof...

  • ORIGINALITY: HeWhizz was invented by thinking outside the box. Instead of following all the rest of the sheep and copying a successful, but flawed design. We sought out to improve on it. Which makes HeWhizz the only male Golden Shower fetish toy NOT designed on the Whizzinator platform.
  • TEMPERATURE: HeWhizz is one of 34adult toys in our CUPID (Clean Urine Personal Insert Device) line of wet sex toys. This design utilizes the human body to reach and maintain the urine at EXACT body temperature. This "in the body" design is exclusive to our CUPID line and the basis from which each of our wet sex toys is started.
  • REALISM: Unlike our competitor's comical costumes, HeWhizz is truly 100% concealed. No external urine bag, fake penis or elastic cotton belt to wear. Every component is so well hidden, that even under the intimate closeness of a Golden Shower, your own partner will think her golden fun is coming from you.
  • NATURAL LOOKING STREAM: HeWhizz was designed with a very unique urine reservoir. It is smaller than the average pinky finger, (3/8th inch diameter) and is made from heavy gauge rubber, dipped twice in latex for added strength. This reservoir is inserted into the man's rectum in its tiny form and then filled with synthetic urine via a 60ml syringe and extension hose. This design means that HeWhizz will deliver your urine stream under PRESSURE. In other words, a strong and natural looking stream, from start to finish. There is no need to become squeamish at this point. It goes in tiny and comes out the same size, after the urine has been expelled.

There you have it, Gentlemen. Now you can see why I believe, that HeWhizz's unique design makes him, hands down, the best Golden Shower fetish toy in the world. But wait, there's more... HeWhizz is manufactured and sold right here in the USA. And each one is made from medical-grade parts. From the Luer Locks used at each components juncture to prevent leakage, to the 2-way valve and 20 ml syringe that are purchased from a medical component manufacturer. From these quality parts and our high level craftsmanship, come the best adult toys in this industry. 

We started out years ago to improve on a flawed design. Instead, Sexxi Showers, proudly offers you a superior design.

Gentlemen, the future of urine replacement for men is here! And it's name is



Customer Reviews

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Lumi Yami Alur
Flawless Device

Worked perfectly the first time, super discreet. Lifesaver!!!! Came right when I needed it. Thank you Emalee!! Perfect for ALL needs. Better than the belt bag, cannot be detected unless throughly, invasively inspected lol.

Hands down by far the best product I have ever used.

It is the most life like device on the market for shower play. My girlfriend doesn’t like it very much when if I don’t come prepared when she calls, and she expects the real thing… and with this product that is exactly what she gets. And Emalee is very nice to and work with and she delivers on time and with out mistakes… she’s the real deal l!!

Lou Hampers
Great product! Prompt delivery!

This product is a lifesaver!


Great product

Cody Hall


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